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Featured Video: John Garcia

Party Smasher inc X Invade Tv

"There's a common misconception that I get up in the morning, take a bong rip and then put on some Stoner Rock and that's not further from the truth"

We spent some time with John Garcia in London. Here he talks about the drive to create music, experiment and that no matter where you are or where you're from if you have that drive you'll create something great! John also talks about growing up with the guys from Kyuss and dispels some of the myths around his music and Stoner Rock in general.

Part 2:

Performance and interview John Garcia:

songs: 'My Mind' from the album 'John Garcia'

An Invade Tv Production for Party Smasher Inc

Directed By: James Sharrock
Cameras: James Sharrock, Trevor Poulsum, Doug Gillen
Interview by: Toby Cook


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